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Preconception health care is important for every couple. In preparation for a healthy pregnancy it is important that both partners enjoy optimal mental, emotional and physical health and well being. Preconception care can more than double your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby, and if used alongside an IVF program can increase the chances of conception by 41%. We advise you undergo a health assessment and naturopathic consultation with our medical herbalist, see the counsellor for stress management and mind-body assisted conception.




Good Pregnancy health is important for mum and baby. Optimum nutrition is important in the prevention of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, miscarriage low thyroid function and birth defects. A few herbal remedies can be used safely in the first trimester of pregnancy. These can be taken as teas to help tone and strengthen the uterus and cervix throughout the pregnancy for an easy delivery. Herbal remedies taken later in the pregnancy can provide effective general support for symptoms such as nausea, constipation, threatened miscarriage, infections, fluid retention, gestational diabetes, anxiety and insomnia. Regular pregnancy massage will relieve body aches and pains, reduce stress on the joints, and aid circulation. More...



If you are considering a Natural Birth or your aim is to have a drug free birth then natural birth education classes are essential for you and your birth partner. Classes will assist you to have the birth you desire with natural drug free birth skills, hypnosis, pre-natal yoga and natural therapies. Natural birth classes will help you feel more confident, more relaxed and in control of the labour and birth process. Your natural birth educator will encourage, teach and empower you to make the right choices for you, and your baby. Imagine the joy of a natural birth, which speeds recovery, and assists with bonding for you and your baby. You have one opportunity for a positive birth experience - make sure you are adequately prepared. More...

Post Natel


A woman’s physical and mental health is always important but more so when she has a baby constantly in her care. Optimal nutrition is important to maintain health and well-being for a mother, and to support both mother and baby when the baby is breast fed. Infant nutrition is also important for healthy normal development of non-breast fed babies, infants and children. Herbs can be gentle and effective in supporting both mother and baby after birth. If you feel you are not quite yourself after birth, our counsellors can help you get back on track with support and emotional resilience skills.