Post Natal

Following the joy of welcoming your new baby into the world, new mums often want to establish and settle into their new routine. Sometimes women feel exhausted, lack vitality, and feel emotionally fragile or just in need of a lift. There are many ways to ensure you have the nurturing and support you need to care for your baby. We offer:-

  • Nutritional support
  • Herbal tonics
  • Post natal yoga
  • Counselling
  • Acupuncture
  • Post natal massage
  • Relaxation
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation


A woman’s health is always important but more so when she has a baby constantly in her care. Optimal nutrition is important to maintain health and well-being for a mother, and to support both mother and baby when the baby is breast fed. Infant nutrition is also important for healthy normal development of non-breast fed babies, infants and children.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs can be gentle and effective in supporting both mother and baby after birth. It is not always possible to have the time to recover fully from the physical stress of childbirth so herbs can aid in a rapid recovery. Some mothers may need help with sleep patterns, adequate lactation, emotional support or later on, a normal menstrual cycle.

Herbs can be useful for babies with common ailments such as colic, skin rashes or poor sleep patterns.


Information on Acupuncture in postnatal coming soon..


Yoga is nurturing and relaxing, and will support you during this transition. Post natal yoga is essential for the first six months following birth. Yoga will assist you to gradually regain physical strength and muscle tone. It will help with balancing energy, emotions and preserving vitality. A specially designed series of exercises and passive poses will aid recovery and help get you back to your pre-birth condition.


After giving birth the body craves nurturing touch to assist with the integration of this amazing transition into motherhood. Massage will ease away any aches and pains, melt away tension and tiredness. The stress from childbirth and time spent caring for your newborn is taxing on our body. Therefore post-natal massage not only gives nurturing and emotional support to help mothers gain back their lost energy, it also brings body back to its pre-pregnancy condition by retaining muscles and connective tissue.

Other benefits of Post-natal massage include:

  1. Provides relaxation for the exhausted body
  2. Relieves aches on shoulders and neck from carrying or feeding your newborn
  3. Realign the body weight to its original distribution
  4. Helps reinstate the uterus to its original state
  5. Eliminates excess body fluids, reduce fluid retention
  6. Tones the over stretched areas of skin, especially over the abdomen
  7. Promote blood circulation within the body
  8. Exfoliate dead cells and regenerate skin renewal

For mothers who delivered naturally, they can start their post-natal massage as soon as they are comfortable and ready. However, for caesarean section delivery, mothers are encouraged to wait for at least 2 weeks after delivery or when incision is properly healed before they could start their massage.


Having a baby is a life-changing, meaningful and enjoyable experience. However babies place huge emotional and physical demands on their parents. Sometimes these demands can feel overwhelming, as they are continuous throughout the day and night and over a long period of time. Often parent need support to give the care and be the best they can for their children. We are committed to promoting the emotional well-being of parents to enable them to constructively meet their own needs and the needs of their babies and growing children.

Counselling can help anyone who needs some emotional support it helps to learn more about your feelings and responses.

Pre and post natal Hypnotherapy and Counselling can be helpful for:

  • Anxiety and postnatal depression
  • Fear about the birth
  • A previously difficult or traumatic birth
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Feelings evoked by motherhood
  • Negative feelings towards your baby (or child)
  • Difficulties with specific parenting issues

Ante and post natal counselling does not provide expert advice about how to take care of your baby. Our counsellors will support you to explore your thoughts and feelings and to understand where they come from. This may help you to understand what your baby or child is trying to communicate and the responses and feelings evoked in you by what they are communicating.

Your relationship with your baby, as with any other relationship, is unique. The aim of counselling is to empower you to respond in ways that are right for you and your baby.