Hypnotherapy for childbirth


Mind-body assisted Conception
Our mind modulates the biochemical functions within the cells of all the major organ systems and tissues of the body via the autonomic nervous system. Most of us are familiar with the mind triggering a physiological response such as hearing a police siren when driving slightly too fast, or mistaking a stick for a snake. Perhaps you have a fear or phobia which can be triggered by a memory or thought.

The science:
This is how it works; our emotional brain (limbic system) records and stores every experience from the womb through to adulthood either consciously or subconsciously. Family patterns and life experience positive or negative affect how we think, feel and respond now. Emotional responses are transmitted to the hypothalamus via the limbic system. The hypothalamus then mediates the signals to the autonomic nervous system via biochemical and electrical messages which are released into the bloodstream and transmitted to the body. Mind body interactions are circular in nature-each element affecting the other in both directions. The lower brain stem control centres, which serve as relay stations of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems regulate our responses (fight or flight). This network of communication can increase blood pressure, control body temperature, regulate blood flow, increase or decrease salivation and gastrointestinal activity, cause bladder emptying and sexual orgasm. Therefore all organs can respond psychosomatically. Neuron pathways are created in the brain determined by emotional responses to life events and we develop learned patterns of behaviour which we continually re enact. These patterns are held in memory; firmly held patterns create habits, and beliefs.
Yet all firmly held beliefs where once a new idea, and doubtable. Therefore all neuron pathways can be changed. Change your mind and change your bodily response.

In a nutshell:
Thoughts produce feelings which create a belief in the mind, which when repeated forms a habit or  attitude, this directly influences our behaviour contributing to our success or failure.

How stress affects conception
When we are under stress, our body releases hormones including adrenaline and cortisol as if we were truly in danger and in need of the fight or flight response. A continued flush of stress hormones tells our body: this is not a safe time to create a baby”. Cortisol has a direct impact on our reproductive system, if the stress response is activated often the body has little time to return to normal, resulting in continued and prolonged levels of cortisol associated with chronic stress. Chronic stress has been shown to:

  • Impair cognitive function
  • Suppress thyroid function
  • Cause blood sugar level imbalances
  • Decrees bone density
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Suppress immunity and inflammatory response
  • Suppress or delay ovulation
  • Interfere with implantation of fertilised ovum
  • Reduce sperm count

Hypnosis and counselling will assist you to reduce your stress levels, by teaching relaxation techniques and visualisation which assists the body towards reproductive health and well being. Hypnosis can help you remove blockages and beliefs that hold you back. What the mind can perceive the body believes. Relaxation and visualisation assist with physical and emotional problems which stop you conceiving, and carrying a healthy baby


Hypnotherapy is widely used for childbirth to eliminate the Fear-Tension-Pain syndrome. Self hypnosis is easy to learn and everyone is capable of relaxing and hypnotising themselves. Birthing is a natural process that your body understands how to do. Unfortunately we have recently turned birthing into a medical procedure and women are now in fear, anticipating the worst.

The Fear-Tension-Pain cycle theory was discovered by Dr Dick-Read. He found that labour itself was not inherently painful. He believed the pain in labour was largely due to fear of labour prevalent in today’s culture. Stress or fear produces the fight or flight response obstructing the birth canal to stop labour progressing. Unlike wild animals we no longer need this safety mechanism as we rarely encounter a threat, so stress causes labour to become dysfunctional. As the stress and pain increase more stress hormones (catecholamine) are released which cycles back to increase her pain and fear.

The stress hormone catecholamine decreases blood flow to the uterus and placenta, reducing uterine contractions, and decreasing oxygen to the baby. According to the Fear-Tension-Pain theory of childbirth, the pain of labour can be lessened by stopping the cycle at any point. To stop the cycle at the fear point, experts recommend preparing for labour through self hypnosis or relaxation and breathing education, visualisation and emotional release work.

Hypnotherapy uses deep relaxation and the power of visualisation and suggestion to enhance your pregnancy and birth experience. Hypnosis is a natural state which uses the subconscious mind to overcome fear and pain. The subconscious is responsible for regulating all your bodily functions including your heart rate, hormone production as well as the emotions. Hypnosis can help you to deal with, and overcome fear and anxiety and to increase self confidence and trust in your body’s natural ability to birth.

The body reacts to reality and imagination in the same way; it cannot distinguish between the two. Hypnosis using guided visualisation gives you the opportunity to practice and experience your preferred birth over and over again in your mind. Now your body is familiar and comfortable with the rehearsed responses and so reacts accordingly during the actual birth. You remain relaxed, in control, and aware of the birth experience. You will flow easily through the uterine surges and sensations using deep relaxation, breathing and visualisation's which tap into your bodies own pain killers (endorphins).

Hypnosis enables you to enjoy the experience in a calm and relaxed way leaving no room for tension and fear which are the main causes of pain. Learn hypnosis for childbirth in Sydney by attending a group or private classes. It is recommended that you take a course of three sessions and practice with the free CD provided.

Picture of Baby held in hands

Why use Hypnosis?

  • reduces the need for pain killers
  • shortens labour
  • reduces tiredness and exhaustion
  • improves oxygen levels to mum and baby
  • speeds recovery
  • assists with the natural birth process

Client in hypnosis

You will learn

  • Self hypnosis
  • relaxation and visualisation techniques
  • Breathing techniques to assist labour
  • How the mind affects the birth experience
  • How to boost the body’s own pain killers
  • Techniques to help bond with baby
  • How to avoid medical induction
  • How to avoid episiotomy or tearing
  • How to support your partner in labour


Hypnotherapy for a natural birth consists of three sessions of 90 minutes. Group sessions of two or three couples $270 per couple

Private classes:

$120 per hour or $150 for 90 minutes

Private courses (booked in advance):
$150 (first appointment 90 minutes) follow up $95 per hour
$330 for three sessions (1x 90 min, 2 x 1 hour)
$470 for 2 x 2.5 hours hypnotherapy and natural birth class

Courses conducted by Heather