Natural Birthing

If you are considering a Natural birth then natural birth education classes are essential for you and your birth partner. Our classes teach you what the midwives don’t, about how you and your partner can help yourselves have the birth you want. Classes will help you feel more confident, more relaxed and in control of the labour and birth process. Your natural birth education will empower you to make the right choices for you, and your baby.

The next Birth Class is being held at the Lotus Centre, Sunday, 3rd April. To enquire or make a booking call Heather now on 02 8007 6380. More information about Heather...

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Natural Birth Education Classes

Heather teaches birth classes in Sydney. They are packed full of practical information, Yoga exercises and tips for an active calm birth.

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Natural Birth Essentials Cover:-

  • Planning your birth
  • Signs of labour
  • Natural pain management for every stage of labour
  • Yoga to prepare for birth
  • Breathing techniques
  • Visualisation
  • Relaxation for a calm birth
  • Natural ways to induce labour
  • Active birth positions
  • Massage and acupressure points for labour
  • Labour TENS for natural pain relief
  • Natural therapies for birthing
  • Using the mind to overcome, fear, pain and obstacles to a calm birth
  • Emotional freedom technique for pain relief and a calm birth

Group classes are conducted on the Northern Beaches at the Lotus Centre. You can join a 6 - 8 hour group workshop $175 per person or $295 for couples with FREE Hypnosis CD and workbook. Or a 6 week course combining 1 hour of prenatal yoga and 1 hour natural birth education for pregnant women only - $195 with FREE Hypnosis CD and workbook.

Private lessons are also available at the Lotus Centre.The benefits of private lessons are:

  • You can tailor make the teaching to your needs and condense the information into a shorter time
  • You do not waste time on things you already know
  • We choose a time and place to suit
  • A confidential supportive environment
  • The information is retained better

Private classes are 2 hours for a refresher course. 3 hours or more for natural birth and/or hypnosis depending on how much information you require. The price is $195 per couple for 2 hours, then $100 per hour thereafter. Please do not hesitate to contact Heather for further information on 02 80076380 or 0405 821880.